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What kind of camping gear, equipment & essentials do I need?

Posted by admin | Adventure | Thursday 21 October 2010 11:58 am
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Question by Gothic Martha™: What kind of camping gear, equipment & essentials do I need?
I am taking my family camping in a few weeks. What kind of camping equipment do I need?

I have a small list of what I have so far:

1. Tent
2. Sleeping bags
3. plates and silverware
4. food (but what kind?)

Best answer:

Answer by akninja
Food- Ramen soup or some other easy food like that. Instant rice is easy, or cous-cous (a sort of grain/pasta thing, it’s tasty if you get the flavored kind). Also, oatmeal for breakfast. Burritos are pretty easy to make, too. Anything that is easy to clean is good (mac and cheese is extraordinarily hard to clean, believe it or not, when you have limited water to use).

Clothing- non-cotton clothes (no jeans) Nylon is good, as well as polypropylene or polyester. Go to REI and ask them questions, they should be able to answer most of them.

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  1. Comment by Genevieve — October 21, 2010 @ 12:15 pm

    bug spray, sunscreen, clothes warm and cold it often gets cold at night depending on where you are.

    Ponchos in case it rains, fishing poles, pots and pans how do you plan to cook? on the open fire on a grill? on a camp stove?
    You might need charcoal, firewood, Propane depending on what and how you plan to cook.

    Toilet paper, air matresses and pump,paper towels, hot dogs are a easy meal. Cooler with drinks and water.

    It all depends how much you want to rough it.

    Oh and don’t forget trash bags.

  2. Comment by wraeth — October 21, 2010 @ 12:23 pm

    Depends on where you are going as well, if you are planning on camping in the rockies you will need good packs and shoes and definately a bear bag with some rope to put it in a tree. If you dont know what a bear bag is be sure to look it up before you leave. Also be aware of any potential predators in your area, or at the very least be able to identify poisonous plants and animals and have some kind of plan as to what to do if you are exposed to them. NEVER KEEP FOOD IN YOUR TENT AT NIGHT.

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