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What Are Your Camping Essentials?

Posted by admin | Adventure | Sunday 17 October 2010 8:56 pm
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What Are Your Camping Essentials?

Many people love camping trips, but it’s interesting to note that we frequently take a different approach to them. This can be seen in many different aspects, including the way in which we pack. Some people love doing lots of planning, but it’s clear that many prefer to pack at the last possible moment.

What about when we look at what is being packed? This is when we can really start to highlight the different approaches that people take. It’s particularly interesting to look more carefully at what some people regard as being essential to their trip. Others are often surprised by such choices.

Some items of camping equipment would certainly seem to be necessary. Most of us would probably opt to pack a tent. This undoubtedly appears to be a prerequisite for most camping trips. Similarly, it’s to be expected that the majority of camping enthusiasts might look at ground sheets and sleeping bags as being fairly vital.

But it is at this point when opinions start to differ. Some people would definitely not consider going on such a trip without a camping stove. Cooking over such as though would be regarded as a very central activity. If the stove was not there, some of the atmosphere associated with camping holidays would be lost.

Yet this may come as a surprise to you. Maybe you don’t like cooking at all on such trips. Or maybe you simply opt for an open fire. It’s easy to see why opinions might differ.

The same picture is repeated when we look at other pieces of kit. Do you, for instance, pack a camping toilet? Some people see this as being absolutely essential, while others might consider it to be a complete waste of space. This thought gets to the very essence of what is involved.

The reality is that we probably have a finite amount of space available when we come to pack. The trick is to make sure that we have everything we need, without taking up too much space. This helps explain why we may have different thoughts about what is really essential.

Think about what you pack when you’re going on a camping trip. Maybe you’ll think about your camping essentials in a new light.

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