Truck camping

Whether you only need a weekend outside researching with your loved ones, or you also wish to simply take a yearlong excursion down the pan American Highway, then truck bed camping can be just a superb way to visit and research your budget.

Even though it’s easy to become trapped in most of the trendy truck bed camping gear, also it’s really interesting to dream of the most ideal truck bed camping layouts and platforms, the objective isn’t the way - it is the action!

This informative article will cover all of the fundamentals of truck bed camping and supply you with whatever you want to understand, to ensure you can move on the market and start your personal truck camping experience today!

Truck camping
Truck camping

And in the base of the article, you are going to locate a printable packing list of the camping gear and equipment you will want!

While using a container casing or canopy onto your own pickup undoubtedly makes the procedure for moving truck camping easier, it is not compulsory for appreciating your own time outdoors in your pick up.

If you presently possess a camper shell or canopy onto your own truck, utilize it! If you should be interested in becoming one, make sure you take a look at our guide to choosing the one that is ideal for you personally - there are many choices out there! Plus it will not need to break the bank we saw our fiberglass container shell applied to craigslist for $40!

That is our favorite system of truck bed camping since it supplies a secure and weather-safe space that you finally customize your truck bed with a sleeping stage, company, dividers, drapes, light, etc. to suit your camping demands therefore you can remain prepared for any experience.

A truck bed tent, similar to that 1 *, will be a superb and cheap solution to begin camping at the trunk of your truck. The power for the process of truck bed camping is the fact that it features the best barrier to entrance, requiring less upfront cost without any significant developments to a truck while providing you with a heightened distance for sleeping.

Nevertheless, you can’t put in more durable or habit truck bed sleeping systems for this specific procedure, and also the installation procedure for this truck bed tent might be as awkward as a kayak.

Earth Tent

Only because you are not sleeping in the bed of your truck, does not mean that you’re not truck bed camping. Catch a premium excellent kayak * plus several water-resistant bags * for the truck camping gear, throw them at the rear of the pickup, and then mind for the camp!

Whenever you’re able to camp only set your camp kitchen in the tailgate, soda up your tent, and you are prepared to move.

Truck camping
Truck camping

Of course, if you should be at fairweather camping you might always forgo preparing the tent and sleep underneath the stars at the bed of your truck!

Though it will not require a great deal of fancy gear to savor your first-time truck bed camping, you can find a few fundamental bits of truck camping gear you need to create together.

Finding a fantastic night’s sleep is essential to love your truck bed camping experience - so it means that you’re rested enough for the second day’s experiences.

We have a whole article dedicated to assisting you to find the ideal truck camping mattress, however, if you are just beginning we recommend using that which you’ve got upgrading and first out of you personally. Therefore, if you have got an aged inflatable mattress or foam sleeping mat tucked off in your cupboard - catch this!


Otherwise, here are our best selections:

  • Sleeping Simulator
  • Therm a Rest Z Lite Sol Ultralight Foam Back Packing Mattress*
  • Foam Foam Mattress

Millard Tri-fold Foam MattressDecision (they are in Various sizes and thicknesses along you can personalize them to match your truck bed camping installation )

Again, in case you have already secured a sleeping bag and you are not going to camp at temperatures below 50 degrees, simply use what you’ve got to begin today!

However, if you are intending to camp at colder temperatures, then an excellent sleeping bag is definitely necessary for appreciating your truck bed camping experience. The top sleeping bag will probably have :

Artificial Insulation - This really is crucial if truck bed camping because, unlike fill totes, a synthetic-fill sleeping bag’s insulating material properties won’t be as influenced by warmth and moisture.

Proper Temperature Rating - make certain your sleeping bag’s temp evaluation is appropriate for the temperatures to range you will end up truck camping inside.

Our favorite combination is really a Big Agnes 15 level bag* combined using a sleeping bag lining *. The tote liner offers added insulating material at the back of nights and may be applied to your own at the dead heat of the summer. And also a tote liner can help keep your sleeping bag clean and will be easily washed!

Pro-tip: Bring your pillow out of the house. If you are like us, then you spent a fantastic deal of time locating the just-right cushion to sleep at home, and the inflatable camp cushions - though stylish and streamlined - may not meet your routine cushion.

One of the terrific things concerning truck bed camping would be your kitchen installation. The pickup’s tailgate could be the ideal counter space, also you’ll be able to customize your camp kitchen apparel to satisfy your cooking style - as it could be as complicated as crucial as you desire.

You will need an excellent 2 burner cooker for truck bed camping of course when your budget allows, that really is an excellent spot to splurge.

Highend: The Cook Partner propane stoves are as tough as camping stoves have and can endure for generations. They truly are homemade from the U.S.A and will be arranged in a huge array of configurations.

Mid-range: Camp Chef propane stoves have an excellent reputation and also the Yukon* is also an excellent option at a sensible price.

Budget: This Coleman Duel-fuel Camping Stove* design was used since WWII and may elope Coleman white gas or routine old-fashioned gas as a fuel supply. It’s a relatively affordable and versatile option, though maybe not exactly as durable as these were known to be and less clean-burning as propane choices.

Kitchen Ware

Truck camping
Truck camping

A fantastic group of kitchenware for truck bed camping does not always have to be complicated or elaborate.

Catch the fundamental cooking utensils out of home or grab a pair out of the thrift store to go on your camp box. We recommend assigning a plastic bag to accommodate most of your camp kitchen gear that will assist you to keep organized and much more readily break camp.

You can check our article How to Establish a Mobile Camp Kitchen Box to Day for Suggestions on establishing your initial camp kitchen. And you’re able to take a look at the Circle kitchen department on the gear page to get all of the apparatus we utilize within our private truck bed camping installation.

Possessing a fantastic way of maintaining your camping gear, food, and drinks coordinated is just another fantastic method to be sure you like your truck bed camping encounter, and in addition, will help decrease the probability of losing or forgetting crucial things when breaking camp.

It really doesn’t have to get complicated, a few simple plastic bags * for gear and a duffle bag for clothing will likely do the job just fine if you should be truck bed camping with a camper shell or truck bed. If you should be using a floor jar you may wish to think about employing some greater quality water-resistant bags.

When you have resolved that truck bed camping is something that you need to pursue long-lasting, you then can consider built-in storage options - just like the Shop system and sleeping platform we all built.

Earlier we updated with the RoadShower as our truck camping water storage tank we used the trustworthy 7 blowers Aqua-trainer* plus it functioned just fine. They are cheap, easy to fulfill, and very pretty durable.


Cold Food Storage: The options for prices are infinite, and also the costs fluctuate significantly. We used good traditional ice cubes for years until finally buying a 12v Camping icebox for the truck bed camping installation. We recommend beginning with a fundamental cooler if you are only starting, and upgrade from that point.

Pro-tip: Utilize two coolers instead of a large cooler. Retain your drinks in food and one at another - that will help cut the total amount of ice you use while camping. The more compact spaces will probably chill easier and also you catch drinks a lot more usually than food therefore the ice at the meals cooler may continue more if not being opened.

Truck camping
Truck camping

Additionally, make an effort to pre-cool all of your beverages and food in your home ahead of packaging the cooler so that ice isn’t wasted bringing down everything to fever. The next night’s meal might be suspended before moving into the cooler. Potable water bottles might also be utilized initially in the place of ice hockey, then drank once thawed.

Dry Food Storage: Vinyl bags and storage containers are fantastic for dry food storage in the majority of truck bed camping situations, however, if you are camping in bear country you need to put money into a keep proof container* for the food storage and also familiarize your self with best clinics about food storage and prep in locations where there could be requirements.

Of course, if you should be on the lookout for simple dinner thoughts while camping, head over for the informative article!

The most useful portion of truck bed camping could be your capability to move outside into all those amazing camping spots at the boonies, however, you’re going to want to prepare ahead.

Check our article Wild Camping Safety & Security for several helpful tips, advice, and safety gear tips to prepare yourself before going out in your own very first truck bed camping experience.

Our guide onto Bathing While Wild Camping may assist you to choose a bathing plan which is suitable for you personally. We ensure all out of sponge bathing to solar-heated pressurized camping showers (and some fantastic DIY camping shower options)!


While unquestionably the least glamorous section of truck bed camping - whenever you have ta move, you have ta proceed.

Inside our Entire Guide to Using The Toilet whilst Campingwe ensure all of the techniques to efficiently and respectfully care of business whilst truck camping at the open.

Truck bed camping in the heat of the cold of winter does not always have to be gloomy. With just a little forethought, preparation, and also the proper gear it’s rather a great deal of fun!

Our Guide into cold temperatures Truck Camping centered on our experience combating sub-freezing temps while truck bed camping, will offer you whatever that you want to keep comfortable while cold temperatures camping on your truck bed through the entire wintertime.

If you are arranging for a summer camping trip, this Guide to Summer Truck Camping will give you a lot of tips and efficient gear that will assist you keep cool while truck bed camping in summer. Though a conventional air conditioner is most likely out-of-the-question, it insures numerous ways it’s still possible to enjoy your time outdoors in summer time months.

Truck camping
Truck camping


You’ll probably need ways to control your cellular phone, notebook, and GPS whilst truck bed camping.

Most contemporary electronic equipment such as these possess 12v charging capacities and will be charged out of the truck’s mill 12v outlets. Otherwise, you can get an inexpensive 12v power inverter* to convert your truck’s 12v capacity to a routine 110v just like you utilize in your home.

We recommend carrying a portable jumpstarter, similar to that 1 *, only in the event.

If you should be considering owning more equipment (such for instance a 12v camping icebox ), camping for a protracted time period, or have been truck bed camping whilst traveling, then you might want to think about updating to a dual battery installation. We have a whole guide that will assist you to pick a double battery solution that satisfies your finances and power requirements.

We have also got a Whole show about camping electricity and locating the Ideal camping energy source for your own requirements:

  • Mobile Camping Power Part 1: Electric Requirements and Basics Made Easy
  • Mobile Camping Power Part 2: Determine Your Powersupply Needs
  • Mobile Camping Power Part 3: Choosing the Camping Power-supply.

Camp seats - We have used sets from the many options similar to that you from Coleman* into the higher-end Kelty Linger* and Helinox Sun Set * camp seats. The important thing - you would like the one which meets your finances, and so is comfortable enough to curl up after a long day of trekking.

Sleeping platform truck camping gear

camping sleeping

Hammock - Wish to consider a siesta beside a river or simply calm down and read a fantastic novel? Obviously, you are doing! We use and suggest the Eno Dual NestDecision (do not forget to catch some tree-straps*). If it fits your budget, then it’s worth that investment.

All these Black Diamond Spot Headlamps* really are still an exemplary, user-friendly, and watertight option that we are very happy with.

Tarp - A basic Sil-Nylon tarp* includes therefore many applications while truck bed camping, also is a funding option to some conventional awning to supply some back yard once the weather isn’t working.

Truck camping
Truck camping

Solar Lantern - All these Luci EMRG Inflatable* Solar lights really are an economical and efficient means to light up your own knee, truck bed casing, or a tensor camp kitchen during nighttime time.

Camp Saw/Axe - Catch a conventional ax and/or bow watched in the TOOLSHED in your home for processing firewood in case you’ve got one. We upgraded to the Agawa Canyon Boreal Folding SawDecision (this informative article informs why it is among the most useful truck bed camping gear purchases we’ve made) - therefore whether it’s on your allowance it can be well worth looking into.

Shovel - precisely setting out campfires, getting rid of pet or human waste while crazy camping, digging out your truck from this sand or sand - a spoonful includes a slew of applications when truck bed camping. However, that you never require anything elaborate. Only grab one in the shed or pick up one at the hardware store for you started.

If you are considering going on an elongated camping trip or travel while truck bed camping, check our article revealing how we can do laundry on the move.

Truck bed camping


Are truck Campers Anxious to tow a trailer for the first time? Use this as a stepping-off point, customize your truck camping setup as you see fit, and choose your own adventure. Camping in the bed of your pickup truck has a surprising number of benefits. Camping in Hot Weather

But the best portion of camping out of the bed of a pickup (notably one with a 4-wheel driveway and higher clearance) is you are not restricted by developed campgrounds - you also can really go off the beaten trail and camp where your adventure takes you!

Nevertheless, if you are only starting we do recommend carrying a couple of shorter weekend trips in good weather and also near home that will help iron out some kinks on your truck bed camping installation. When you are ready - check our step-by-step Guide to Free Camping. It’s going to start an entire environment of truck bed camping experiences!


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