Portable hammock stand

You might also want to choose a portable stand so you’ve got the option to take it along with you camping, to the park, wherever.


There are many unique types, sizes, shapes, and price points. Contemplating our extensive awareness and history in hammocking, all these are the best quality & most popular portable hammock stands. There are some stands that hold a single hammock, two, or even more. And, as you might find, some are more”portable” compared to others.

If you’re searching for something slightly bit more durable, have a look at this list of the ideal garden hammock stands, together side the best garden hammocks.

Why you want a portable hammock stand

  • You can simply about hang anywhere–parks, and the beach, the town, in line for the next iPhone in the future out…
  • Even if you should be going trekking or camping at a well-populated spot, the trail or your particular campsite can lack the ideal trees to hold a hammock. Portable stands are easy to package in the back to ensure you can hang wherever you’re.
  • Or worse, where you’re guided may prohibit or heavily restrict hanging hammocks out of trees in some specific locations or anywhere whatsoever. We’re seeing more and more national and state parks begin to crackdown on hammocks since they truly are becoming more popular, though hammock stands are totally fair match.
  • To that end, portable hammock stands can also be better for the environment they do not damage trees. Most usually, typical tree straps will not damage trees either–if you’re hanging properly–but that is just another great bonus to getting a stand-alone stand.

Things to consider in portable hammock stands

Depending on your hammock’s weight capacity, make certain the stand is produced to encourage the same or more burden, especially in the event that you get a double hammock, and also expect 2 individuals to make use of it at precisely the exact same time. In the event you really want something that’s easily portable, ensure it’s not too heavy to take. Typically, the larger and heavier the stand is, the not as likely you are going to have to desire to go it pack it in a camping vacation.

Taking case. If you do intend to take it on lots of experiences, does it include an incident to easily finish off? I mightn’t say this is a deal-breaker, but it’s certainly a nice-to-have. Since hammock stands to desire a good number of ground space to setup, the footprint is something you’ll want to make note of. Some of those hammock stands are lovely but bigger, so might limit at which you’re able to put it to use. If footprint can be an issue, check out these cushioned hammocks with stands. There are several that barely use any space whatsoever.

Portable hammock stand

ENO Nomad Hammock Stand (portable hammock stands)

This stand by Eagles Nest Outfitters–one of the most popular hammock organizations –is compatible with the majority of gathered-end hammocks. It includes a carrying case and packs down for simple transport. It’s made of lightweight aluminum metal using easy shockcorded pole meeting. It can take up to 300 pounds and weighs 15 lbs itself. It’s really a wonderful alternative if you want something lightweight that can be constructed quickly and melts readily.

ENO makes lots of great portable hammock stands, including this other Royal version using another design. It will take up less space once it has setup but weighs more in 58 lbs. This hammock stand can hold up to 400 pounds, therefore it’s somewhat more sturdy compared to preceding

Kammok Swiftlet Portable Hammock Stand

Portable hammock stand

Kammok is just another major hammock new, with awesome choices for adults and kids. The bottom bar of the portable hammock stand is flexible and will fit anywhere from kiddies’ size hammocks to additional extended hammocks. The large difference between that one and the prior model is the weight reduction. This stand is simply 1-5 pounds, so it’s rather simple to carry from place to place.

This bad boy enables you to hang three hammocks simultaneously. It’s not something you will want to move much, keep in your garden or set up a park or festival to your weekend. Assembly doesn’t require long or require gear, nevertheless, the hammock stand weighs 101 pounds, so it’s really a tiny commitment to getting this ready to go, but boy will you be glad you did.

ENO Roadie Hammock Stand

ENO Roadie Hammock Stand
ENO Roadie Hammock Stand

This single-hammock stand is designed to be used with your car. After establishing the 2 stands the right distance apart, simply drive your car wheels on each base. The weight of the automobile is the thing that provides the stability and security of dangling, and you still have enough room to influence since the poles are made at an angle.

This stand weighs about 56 pounds and can be rated to carry up to 400 pounds. It’s the cheapest option from ENO but just works in the event you’ve got a vehicle. It would be ideal for car camping, road tripping, or maybe hanging in your driveway. In addition, it is a good alternative if you don’t have lots of space to set up the other stands.


Portable hammock stand

This one’s only a little distinct. We have this hammock stand (because you saw at the very first photo), which includes the hammock, and got it for a relative just because. It is a fantastic garden or porch/patio hammock.

It’s durable and well made, and you won’t ever have to think about switching it out. The only real drawback is the way large, bulky, and thick it is. We discovered we did not wish to lug it around so it wound up residing in the basement plenty of the moment. Having said that, it is a excellent semi-permanent stand if you’re searching for something for your house or yard.

The steel stand is hardy and fairly easy to construct and disassemble. It will not require gears, however a small bit of brute strength definitely helps. And even some wd40 after a while, however you never want it too loose it slides too easily. You want the sticks to match together closely, therefore it is cozy and you are safe, however a splash of wd 40 every once in awhile will slide them in and out.

Even the Vivere double-sided cotton hammock is produced with fabric that can stand up to the surface elements. It’s one of the very popular hammocks on Amazon in this category as well as for justification. It will come in various patterns.

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