Camp Essentials TRINIDAD

Posted by admin | Adventure | Thursday 14 October 2010 6:02 am

Camp Essentials TRINIDAD

With Christmas fast approaching, while children set out to enjoy their time off from school, parents have a million things to do and we’re scrambling, looking for somewhere safe to place them. We still have to work …we need to take care of errands and last-minute shopping…then there are chores at home.

Camp Essentials is hosting a two week Christmas day-camp for children ages 5 to 17. The camp will run from 8:30am to 2:30pm each day between December 14th and 24th at the St. Joseph’s Boys’ RC School. Outside camp hours, there would be supervision between 7:00am and 4:00pm. Not only does Camp Essentials expose the campers to a wide range of activities, but parents can be assured that the venue is very well secured, with a nurse on site should any emergency arise.

Though a camp with provisions for children ages 5 to 7 may seem like a really wide bracket, one huge ‘disco’ is not to be anticipated at Camp Essentials. Children are grouped according to their ages; so the only time your 5 year old will ever see my 17 year old (apart from breaks and at lunch- for which supervision is efficient) is during swimming trips, field trips and open secessions like talent shows or show and tell- to which parents are most welcomed. Actually, since parents are expected to be protective of their ‘babies’ spur-of-the-moment visits are never discouraged.

Instead of sitting at home, here is an opportunity for kids to make new friends while they have fun and enjoy Christmas.

CAMP ESSENTIALS was established in 2005.
phone: (1-868) 757 4054

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Camping essentials with my girlfriend?

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Question by Leoprasy: Camping essentials with my girlfriend?
Going camping with my girlfriend in a few weeks for the first time for both of us and just wonder what things we are going to need. I don’t want to get there and think ‘we should have brought that’. Thanks for any help.

Best answer:

Answer by ninja
depends on what type of camping you are doing. Are you backpacking or just camping at a camsite?

When my husband and I go camping at a campsite, this is the stuff we bring:
- Tent
- Tarp
- Rope
- Air mattress w/ pump
- Sleeping bags
- Pillows
- latern
- Extra small propane tanks
- Camping stove
- Cookware
- Food/water/drinks
- table clothe for the picnic table
- Dish soap/scrubby pad
- Games
- Cook stove
- Matches/lighter
- Flashlights
- Extra clothes
- Fire wood (or if you want to buy it there or find your own)
- Cooler (with food/drinks)
- Eating utensils (paper plates, plastic bowls and plastic spoons/forks/knives)
- First aid kit
- Stuff to play at the river with (we camp by the river, so we take tubes and stuff for that)
- Hatchet to cut wood with

However, if you are going backpacking, you will want to pack much lighter:
- tent
- Sleeping bag
- Extra change of clothes
- Food (possible freeze dried to save space)
- Matches

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Essential Camping for Teens (High Interest Books)

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Essential Camping for Teens (High Interest Books)

The Outdoor Life series features activities that are of high interest to teens and focuses on safe ways to take advantage of the great outdoors.

List Price: $ 6.95

Price: $ 6.00

NOLS Bear Essentials: Hiking and Camping in Bear Country

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NOLS Bear Essentials: Hiking and Camping in Bear Country

  • Learn ways to set up camp so as to not attract bears
  • Safest options for storing food when car camping and backpacking
  • How to protect yourself while fishing and hunting
  • Best ways to identify grizzlies and black bears

NOLS Bear Essentials draws on NOLS’ 40 years of experience leading trips in bear country, as well as the input of noted scientists who have studied bears. Learn ways to set up camp so as to not attract bears, the safest options for storing food when

List Price: $ 9.95

Price: $ 5.44

ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Tee,White,Large

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ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Tee,White,Large

  • Odor resistant and moisture wicking
  • Extremely breathable and air dries quickly
  • Slim fit with a straight hemline and forward shoulder seam

This tee is high performance and low maintenance. Treated with Aegis Microbe Shield, this tee is odor resistant and perfect for tricky climates and active adventures. Made from 94% Nylon/6% Spandex and is 4oz/sq yd.

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: $ 35.95

Price: $ 34.95

Camping Essentials A General Guide To The Essentials Of Camping

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Camping Essentials A General Guide To The Essentials Of Camping

When you are going camping there are a number of basic camping gear essentials that go with any camping trip. These basics show up in most camping trips if you are camping without an RV or camping outside of a sheltered area, like a cabin.

These essentials include items such as a tent, sleeping back, cooking gear, first aid kits, emergency supplies, lighting, fire making kit or heating source, knife, personal hygiene products. There are a lot of items that people view as essential which are not actually essential but make the camping experience more enjoyable.

Some of the items that can make your camping trip more enjoyable and for some people are considered essentials are things like Dutch ovens, which allow you to bake while you are camping. Other items are folding chairs, tables and cots to make sitting and sleeping around the camp easier on the body. Some people bring things like coolers for cold foods, and ice. The essential gear for camping depends on the type of camping you are doing and how rough you want to camp. There are some people who enjoy camping with just a sleeping bag and a small tent or tarp in case it rains but for the most part they sleep lying in their sleeping bag under the stars, cooking on a fire and enjoying the simplicity of nature. Others take it up just a step and have a tent and perhaps some fancier cooking gear while others insist that everything but a kitchen sink is essential to camping.

One of the absolute essentials though is a first aid kit; no matter what type of camping you are planning on doing make sure that you have a fully stocked first aid kit. This also should include a snake bit kit; if you are planning on being anywhere in the deep woods or places where snakes are common. Another good thing to bring along is toilet paper, and a small shovel for creating a latrine some people may not find this an essential but for many it is.

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A Supply List for Camping

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A Supply List for Camping

Bringing along the right camping supplies and gear is a vital part of any successful camping trip.  The following camping checklist is a general guide for the average family camping weekend.  Your camping supply list may differ, depending on the climate, location, and type of camping facilities you are visiting.  If you are backpacking, kayak or canoe camping, or enjoying another type of camping where gear weight is crucial, check our lightweight backpacking tips.

Shelter and bedding are two of the most important items on your camping supply list.  Primitive camping trips may require nothing more than a tarp to protect you from the ground’s moisture and a good sleeping bag, but your family camping checklist should include 1 or 2 adequately sized tents, tent stakes and extra stakes, and a hammer and stake puller.  Ground covers, or tarps slightly larger than the bottom of your tent, are great for protecting your camping tent from moisture and dirt.  You may also want to bring along a small broom to keep your tent clean and an outdoor mat for your entrance.

There are many different options for bedding and sleeping gear, but your camping checklist may include air mattresses or camp pads, like the Coleman Rest Easy pad, sleeping bags, and even pillows and blankets.  Remember to bring extra blankets and comforters for cool nights, picnics, and play areas.  You may also want to include a Coleman shelter to protect your food or just for an escape from the heat.

Clothing is another essential on your camping supply list.  The types of clothes you pack will depend, of course, on the weather, as well as the activities you are planning.  For a simple weekend trip, pack 3 sets of clothing along with something to sleep in, a jacket or sweatshirt, and rain gear.  If you are planning on hiking, you may want long pants and hiking shoes, as well as extra socks.  Don’t forget swimsuits, sandals for the pool, beach, or bathhouse, and some sort of hat for head protection.  For longer camping trips, make use of the laundry facilities most campgrounds offer and only add 1 or 2 extra sets of clothing to your packing list.

Good hygiene is just as important on your camping trips as it is at home.  Review your camping checklist carefully and remember all the toiletries and personal items you will need.  If you’re visiting a campground with shower facilities, store your toiletries in easy to carry, waterproof containers.  Otherwise, there are a variety of Coleman camp showers available.  Remember soap, deodorant, dental care products, hair care, as well as medications and other personal items you may need.  

Rubber totes or rugged duffel bags are great for storing and packing your camping gear.  Consider packing an individual clothing bag and shower tote for each person to make things simple.  For easy locating, store less used items together in separate bags or containers, like rain equipment, swimsuits and towels, camping games, and beach toys.  Laundry bags are very useful for keeping dirty clothes separated, as well as for the bathhouse.  Don’t forget a bath towel, washcloth or sponge, and a change container with quarters for some showers and laundry facilities.

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Camp life

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Camp life
essentials for camping
Image by tajai
It’s quite dark under the campsheet, hence the overexposure of the background.

Camping Essential, Headlamp with Strap

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Camping Essential, Headlamp with Strap

  • Headlamp with adjustable headband
  • Designed for early morning fishing, but also suitable for hiking, climbing, camping

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

Price: $ 5.95

Kayaking Training in School and Camp

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Kayaking Training in School and Camp

Kayaking is breathtaking in its beauty and it may seem easy to learn for those who love the sea but the fact is that it requires techniques and plenty of practices before you can set off by yourself. Kayaking training is compulsory and for a child, you can attend a kayaking camp but they are school for adult learners too.

As kayaking is practiced mostly in the summer for it will be impossible to glide on winter with its freezing temperature. To ensure that you guarantee yourself a seat, reserve early. In a kayaking school, you will be trained in all the essential techniques so that you can kayak with no difficulty and assurance.

The curriculum at the kayaking school will steer you in the direction progressively with the correct techniques and how to cope with danger as well as coping with all types of water conditions.

Nature is unpredictable and the body of waters can differ from a calm oasis to rough current. In a kayaking school, you will be trained to deal with it so as not to put your life at risk. Safety is paramount and survival is foremost, so aside from all the kayaking techniques on top of coping with danger, you will be taught first aid for kayaking associated injuries.

Kayaking is a fit, fun as well as risky sport and in kayaking school, you will learn to handle all the dangers that kayaking might bring as well as the techniques to navigate with friends and family in the sea adventure that has all the adrenaline rush.

For kids you can register them in a kayaking camp to rough them out and have a taste for an exciting kayaking escapade. Whitewater kayaking is fantastic for kids to learn fundamental kayaking skills that encompasses river running as well as river safety. The kids will learn to be more confident and independent as whitewater kayaking is popular amongst kids and they will enjoy the time at the camp.

A family that leads a healthy lifestyle such as partaking in kayaking will be a cohesive one and the joy of kayaking will bring indescribable memories and many happy surprises that will accompany your kids when they mature. Equip your family with the indispensable kayaking equipment and accessories and prepare effectively to deal with the risks that sea kayaking might bring by enrolling in kayaking school as well as letting your kids have all the fun in kayaking camp.

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