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Buying An Ideal Sleeping Bag To Suit Your Needs With The Help Of The Sleeping Bag Rating

Posted by admin | Adventure,Camping,Outdoors,Tents | Thursday 9 September 2010 2:51 pm
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Sleeping bag rating is really a large part of picking the correct sleeping bag for you personally. When searching for a sleeping bag you want something that’s going to be good for the climate you are likely to be in. if you are likely to require a sleeping bag for temperatures as low as -60 degrees Fahrenheit, then you’re likely to want a sleeping bag that suits your standards.


At this time, the coldest sleeping bag you will find is -60 degrees and they’re made by Wiggy. A Wiggy bag can have a rating of -80 if you get the more than bag, for those of you serious mountain climbers this may be something to look into. For those of you that reside in a warm climate region and it never get colder than 30 degrees you’re going to want a sleeping bag having a rating of 25 degrees, just to be on the comfortable side. When choosing a sleeping bag it is most effective to know how you sleep.


Several questions you might want to ask yourself would be are you a cold or warm sleeper, do you put the heat in your home to 68 or 90 within the winter. This all plays large roles within the bag you will wish to choose. Should you set your heat to 90 then you may want to adjust the rating standards for a bag that’s 10 degrees colder than the weather will get. Should you set your home to 68 then it might be a great selection having a sleeping bag that matches the specifications of coldest climate exactly.


I personally use a sleeping bag rated at 0 degrees Fahrenheit simply because I can always unzip it and let the breeze in or use it as a quilt. I go camping all four seasons and in those colder periods I use  more than one bag that puts my rating to -25. Whatever your necessities are for sleeping it’s good to check those sleeeping bag ratings out and choose the right bag for what you’re going to be using it for.


You can find more information about sleeping bags at, where you can read about Sleeping Bag Rating.

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