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Wenger Sleeping Bag Is The New Camping Finest Friend Of Left Handed Individuals

Posted by admin | Adventure,Camping,Outdoors,Tents | Wednesday 8 September 2010 8:02 pm
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A single of the most frustrating items for left handed individuals when they need to go backpacking is their sleeping bag not obtaining a zipper within the aspect they use.  They’ve to go out of their way to make sure that they are able to secure their sleeping bag.  By the time they’ve finished zipping themselves up and getting back into location, both they are uncomfortable but stay that approach to maintain warm or get comfortable but must sleep in an unpleasant placement.  For left handed people who are frustrated of possessing to decide on one or the other when they go hiking, there’s excellent news inside the Wenger sleeping bag.


Wenger sleeping bag is made by the exact same individuals who developed the Swiss Army knife, one particular of the most well-known knives inside the globe and for great explanation.  They applied the exact same standards to their knives as to their sleeping bags.  The bags are designed to withstand freezing cold temperatures inside a wrap close to style.  Additional importantly, the bags are designed to ensure that they could be opened on either part.  The reasoning behind this was that soldiers who were sleeping needed to get out of their bags as swiftly as possible in circumstance they have been being attacked.  Their preparation is now readily available for just about any left hander who’s tired of feeling cold.


Possessing one of these bags will make a huge various in outdoor sleeping for anyone who has trouble acquiring comfortable having a appropriate handed zipper.  No longer will you’ve to select which comfort you would like to give up.  Wenger sleeping bag will also keep you cozy if you’re correct handed too.  They’ve thought about everybody when they designed these bags and now you too may be as comfortable and as ready as the Swiss army.


You can find more information about sleeping bags at, where you can read about Wenger Sleeping Bag.

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