Hiking snacks

Hiking snacks
Hiking snacks

Tired of your current range of hiking snacks? In this informative article, we’re sharing all the best hiking snacks including budget-friendly DIY recipes as well as our favourite store-bought snacks for hiking.

Day hiking is great once you want to get out doors but don’t have the time to devote into a overnight backpacking trip. In just a matter of hours, then you can end up deep in the jungle, away from civilization, surrounded by nature-but still be home to sleep in your own bed. It’s the very best of both worlds!

Despite the fact that you’re just hiking for that day, it’s still important to be prepared. Hiking burns up a great deal of calories, so it’s important to pack the perfect kind of snacks to maintain your energy up on the trail.

What Makes A Good Day Hiking Snack?

The top snacks for hiking possess the following features:

Relatively Light Weight: Snacks do not need to be ultra-lightweight daily hiking (like they would to get a multi-day backpacking trip), but you will be carrying them every step of the way, so, perhaps, a noodle that is grated is not the Best Choice

Nutrition: you will undoubtedly need to be replacing those calories you are burning and keep your blood sugar level upward. Search for snacks that pack a great deal of calories into a small serving, and also that have a good balance of carbohydrates for quick energyfats and carbs for”stamina”.

Shelf-Stable: you’ll be able to bring a insulated tote or backpack with you if you like, however it’s best if every day hiking snacks don’t require refrigeration.

Hiking snacks
Hiking snacks

Mobile and packable: you will likely be keeping your snacks at a backpack. You need snacks wont take up a ton of distance and will not have smashed to smithereens on the plan of your hike.

Nominal packaging: The less packaging you choose on the road, the less litter you will have to increase out with.

Peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butterwhatever your preference, nut butter is a terrific hiking snack. Spread it on crackers or fruit, use it to make a sandwich, or just eat it plain. Nut-butter is extremely calorie-dense, which means you buy a great deal of energy for your own fat loss .

If you are doing a major group increase, a full jar might be one of the most economical choice. But if you’d like to bite as you hike, you may like to pick up some of those smaller squeeze pouches.

Pita crackers using dehydrated hummus can be actually a protein-rich hiking snack.


Crackers are a excellent source for several different hiking snacks, however if they are too delicate they’ll just get pulverized in your bunch. Start looking for sturdy crackers which have some structure to them. Trader Joe’s create some yummy”crips” with flavours such as Fig & Olive and Mango & Ginger that hold up well. If you’d like a protein intake, package along some instant hummus — simply add water!

Sort of at the cracker category are those miniature peanut butter or cheese cracker sandwiches. Ritz Bits were clearly one of my own alltime preferred snacks as being a young child. I’d eat an whole box if left unattended. They’re also a excellent hiking snack. The filling binds the crackers together to create them reasonably durable, but storing them in a hard-sided container are a smart idea.

Dried Fruit & Nuts

Every hike we are on lately has comprised some type of fruits and/or nuts. Nuts are filled with long-term protein and fat while dried fruits supply a quick soda of energy.

We’re extremely partial to this nut and dried fruit selection in Trader Joe’s because of the own prices. If you don’t have a TJ’s nearby, check your food store’s bulk bins to keep down the price, or Nuts.com is a fantastic online source for dried fruit & nuts.

Homemade Trail Mix

Trail mix is an excellent onthego bite which could be super customizable. We love to keep a small bag somewhere quick to reach so we can catch a quick couple if we stop for a water break. Or, have a look at this article for greater trail mix recipes!

*In case you are going hiking in warmer temperatures, we would counsel against trail mix which contains chocolate, yogurt dipped raisins, or anything else which may -and ultimately will-meltdown.

Hiking snacks
Hiking snacks

Fresh Fruit

While fruit isn’t a wonderful multi-day back packing food as a result of its low calorie-to-weight ratio, even for a short day hike, a nice piece of fresh fruit might be really refreshing.

We suggest going with something that wont sweat easily (peaches) and aren’t messy to wash up (oranges). Apples, pears, pre-peeled apples, or berries that are kept in a hard-sided container are good choices.

Fruit Leathers

Fruit leathers are a great solution to create the flavor of fruit on the trail without the weight and wash up.

You’d be astonished how simple it can be to create your own fruit leathers in your home utilizing a food dehydrator. A few of our favorite recipes include our tie-dye Fruit Leathers along with our Tropical Fruit Leathers.


Shelf-stable and packed with protein, high tech jerky is an excellent hiking snack. Unlike many other snacks, which can skew towards the sweet side of this spectrum, the salty taste of jerky can be a wonderful change of pace.

Making your own beef jerky at home will be a lot easier than it might seem as soon as you learn the method that you will save a great deal of dollars. Some of our favourite recipes are our Teriyaki Steak Jerky and our Classic Beef Jerky.

If you do not have a dehydrator, then no worries! There are plenty of amazing brands out there producing a few exceptionally tasty jerky. Some of the favorites include:

Along the same lines as jerky, meat bars are another portable snack which packs plenty of protein. Epic Bars along with Wild Zora are a Couple of of our favorites brands. These can be quite a excellent keto alternative to conventional”energy bars”, that typically contain a fair deal of sugar and carbs.

Tuna Or Chicken Packets

Readymade tuna and chicken salad packets are a wonderful shelf-stable alternative for a bigger hiking lunch. You’ll find a number of tastes such as Buffalo Chicken or even Herb & Garlic in your local food store. All these are great spread onto crackers or rolled into a flour tortilla wrap. We ate those broadly during our John Muir Trail hike and might still suggest them.


Hiking snacks
Hiking snacks

We love to shoot olives together after hiking. Like the hard cheeses above, olives can really class a trail-side dinner propagate.

Apparently, you are able to get a jar of your favorite yolk, drain the liquid and repack them into a resealable, watertight container like a ReZip bag. Brands such as Oloves additionally make suitable on the go bundles.


A wonderful hard cheese may really class up your next hiking snack break! Hard cheeses such as smoked gouda, aged cheddar, and even some varieties of gruyere are far dumb and durable enough for the road. To stop scents and oils from permeating anything else in your back pack, wrap the cheese at a bees-wax wrap or stick it into a resealable container.

Babybel makes wax-wrapped cheeses that are perfectly sized to personal consumption. Tillamook and Cabot also make excellent cheese sticks which are terrific alternatives for kids.

Cheese Crisps

Oven baked cheese crisps are just another terrific alternative. They are light weight, super durable, and filled with calories. We get the Trader Joe’s variant, however, you may also find them regular supermarket shops sold as Moon Cheese and Whisps.

Homemade Granola Bars & Bites

You’d be astonished how simple it is to make your own granola bars and energy bites.

We’re living in the golden era of energy pubs. There are so many of them people could hardly keep up. Our plan is to mix and meet the brands and flavors so that we aren’t getting burnt out. Some of the Favourite go-to are:

  • Kate’s Real Food Bars
  • Bobo Bar-S
  • GoMacro
  • Clif Nut Butter Bars (Coconut & Almond Butter )
  • Power Cookies

It exactly the same concept being a power bar, except it’s a cookie cutter! If you’re looking for a trail snack which feels a bit like a dessert, then all these really are a good option.

An pastry (literally”syrup waffle”) is just a wafer cookie produced from two thin layers of baked dough joined by a caramel filling. They are super calorie compact, very lasting, and actually taste better if they are a bit heated up. You may see them at Trader Joe’s, most food markets, and online. A couple of sports energy brands such as Honey Stinger and GU have also begun making their own versions as well.

While we mightn’t necessarily suggest a bag of chips as a go-to hiking snack, we’re big fans of their summit celebration. Basically, when you reach the summit (or at the highpoint ) of your hike, it can be fun to have something special to celebrate the moment. The”summit Snickers” is definitely a thing, however you can replace it with any additional treat you prefer.

If it’s going to be hot out, be sure to have it concealed somewhere in your pack so that it doesn’t melt!


A strenuous increase in warmer weather may quickly turn into a sweat-fest. All that sweat may cause your body to lose a lot of natural additives and electrolytes. Your own body will naturally replenish itself having a balanced diet plan, but to accelerate the healing process you’ll be able to break up a Nuun pill into your water. The end result is actually a fizzily, bubbly drink which helps your body recover faster.

Clif Shot Bloks

Hiking snacks
Hiking snacks

Adding a quick hit of sugars and electrolytes in a chewy gummy shape, Shot Bloks are designed to help keep you out of”bonking”. If, after prolonged effort, you end up feeling bloated or weak out on the road, there’s really a great chance you are experiencing a drop in glycogen into your muscles a.k.a”bonking”. Shot Bloks supply you with quick and easy energy to acquire your back to normal.

Where it makes sense, we urge re-packaging your hiking snacks right into reusable containers. The less disposable garbage you take out onto the trail, the less chance there is of inadvertently falling a ripped wrapper or plastic cap.

We’re big fans of reusable plastic bags like (r e )Zip along with Stasher. They come in a lot of fun colors, are easy to cleanand replace baggies.

For snacks that are a little more delicate, so a hard-sided reusable container is your way to go. We prefer people with a rubber gasket and locking sides to ensure the top will not pop off if things shift around in our daily packs. This sort of hard sized container is ideal for fresh berries, berries, and whistles.

If you’d like the ability to keep drinks and food cold, you can even make a foul-smelling cooler. You are probably going to wish to use a reusable ice pack, that may add weight of course. But yanking an ice-cold out LaCroix at the summit is going to be a real treat!

Additionally, consider the food that you’re packing and attempt to anticipate the kind of trash it’ll create. It’s rather a wise idea to pack together a dedicated garbage container. Or, intend on turning one of one’s meal containers to some trash container once you eat up its contents.

Best hiking snacks trail mix

The goal is always to pack out everything that you packaged with during your increase. And we all mean literally what.

Even rancid food stuff like cracker crumbs or apple cores irritate the neighborhood ecology and induce crazy creatures to associate humans with food.

When small oversights such as this get improved by hundreds of hikers over many decades, it often leads to quite regrettable results.

So be part of this solution by packing smart, and leave no trace. If you’d like to find out more regarding the fundamental tenants of this Left No Trace philosophy it is possible to read about these here.

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