31 Awesome Gifts for RV Owners that they will Love

Are you currently trying to find perfect gifts for RV owners? RV-owners can be difficult to shop for, whether they’re full-time travelers or taking many road trips. How can you find gifts for RV enthusiasts that won’t take up too much space in their RV, and will be appreciated by them?

Gifts for RV owners

I have interviewed 16 RV owners among my friends and family, and then compiled a list of best gift ideas for any holiday. In addition when I shop for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and “just because” gifts I always look for unique ideas. And now I feel really competent for the task. Let’s get the guide rolling!

2021 is set to be The Year for RVing, National Parks, Outdoor Activities, and Vacations centered around Outdoor Activities. I believe that the number of RV owners will significantly grow this year.

I have grouped all gifts into few groups – practical, funny, cozy, and entertaining ones. Check them out and, if you’re an RV owner, please leave a comment below to tell us about your most desirable gift this year.

Practical Gifts for RV Owners

Amazon gift card

If you are fighting to find the best gifts for RV owners in your life, simply purchase an Amazon gift card and they will pick a present themself.

Amazon gift box
Amazon gift card in a gift box

RV mat or rug

An RV mat can be actually a safe purchase in case you are trying to find a practical present for RV owners. The living area of every RV is much more compact compared to a genuine house therefore RV owners simply put a mat directly beyond the RV for some additional space.

RV mat or rug

People can not stay inside the RV for the entire day. Additionally, it is extremely helpful when you have children traveling with you, or in case that you simply need to keep out the dirt. RV mats can be used to let the children play on it outdoors. The majority of my friends RV owners have an RV rug.

Another option is a welcome mat for the RV. They may have any funny or welcoming words on it. See some examples below. I like those of bright colors!

Camping Hammock

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon reading a book and watching the world go past. This is a great gift for RV campers, as it can be used by everyone, even kids! Choose the one with stands.

Hammock with stands

Cast Iron Press and a Grilling Tool Set

The cast-iron press is one of the coolest camping gifts I found. It can be used it for paninis or to keep bacon from curling up.

31 Awesome Gifts for RV Owners that they will Love
Cast iron press

The grill set may include a chef’s spatula, grill tongs, basting brush, corn holders, skewers, a cleaning brush, and a digital temperature fork. This set ensures RV owners to grill delicious food. It is the ideal gift for campers!

31 Awesome Gifts for RV Owners that they will Love

Propane Fire Pit

31 Awesome Gifts for RV Owners that they will Love
Propane fire pit

Not every campsite has a firepit. Perhaps your camping buddies want to dry camp outside of a campground while they are in their RV.

This is a great gift idea for RV campers looking for unique and practical gifts.

A portable fire pit with a carrying case is my top pick for gifts for campers.

The smell of wood smoke can get in everything inside an RV. A propane fire pit is a great option for RV owners who want to enjoy a campfire but don’t need wood.

ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum Cleaner

ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is an essential tool for RV owners. They can get very dirty very quickly. They can also use the vacuum for their car when they aren’t using it for RVs. It’s a win-win situation.

CARTMAN 148-Piece Tool Set

A great toolkit is essential for every RVer. It’ll be very useful, we promise!

CARTMAN 148-Piece Tool Set

The toolset weighs in at 5.8 pounds. This is important to consider when choosing what items to take on an RV trip. The lighter your camper is, the better.

Andersen Levelers – Best Camper Leveling Kit

These are the RV accessories that make our travel trailer more beautiful. It’s as simple as rolling the RV onto the wedged levelers and adjusting the height. You can then just place the chocks underneath the levelers and go! It’s that simple. (But remember to activate the emergency brake…). Your RV buddies love this RV gift!

Andersen Levelers - Best Camper Leveling Kit

Instant Pot 

The one kitchen appliance can make the most sense in RV kitchening during the travels. And that is the Instant Pot!

Instant Pot 
Instant pot

This handy gadget is great for creating delicious meals in a small space such as an RV. 

This appliance in shining armor allows RV travelers to enjoy some amazing meals that are easy to prepare. It is versatile and so easy to use, that people continue to use it even when they aren’t traveling with RV.

This beauty is perfect for RV-loving family members who enjoy cooking in their RV. They have sizes to fit every need, so take a look and choose the one that seems right for the RV owners on your list.

Folding Stool

RVers will appreciate this useful gift. This handy little stool is perfect for fixing awnings and cleaning up any spillages in high cabinets.

The best thing about this stool? It folds flat for easy storage. It can be stored easily in an outdoor storage box or indoor utility closet. It can even be stored under a couch or bed, if they are raised above the floor.

Folding Stool
Folding Stool

For tougher reaches, you could also consider a telescopic extension ladder.

Telescopic Extension Ladder – A Ladder is a Must for RVers

This ladder should be one of the first purchases for fresh RV owners. It can be used numerous times to clean the slideout, check the roof, and for other RV repairs.

It is lightweight and telescopic at only 24 pounds, making it easy to fit into the passthrough.

A ladder is an essential item that RVers require, but one that can be expensive. The ladder is one the best gifts for RV owners.


A headlamp is one of the top gifts for RV owners. If your friend owns an RV, or is thinking about buying a motorhome or travel trailer, then a simple headlamp could make for a great gift. A headlamp is a great gift idea for RV owners.

Watt Meter

This is a cool RV gadget and makes a great gift. RV owner can plug almost any electronic device into it to see how much electricity it draws.

Entertaining gifts for RV owners

This group of gift ideas for RV campers will help your friends to enjoy the time of RVing the most.

National Parks pass

A US National Parks Pass for RV owners would make a fantastic gift. The $80 annual pass grants you unlimited access to all National Park Service, Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management sites throughout the year.

This pass is 100% worth it if the RV owner that you’re looking for plans to visit many national parks from their RV. The park entrance fees cost about $20 per person without the pass. It’s worth it after only 4 visits! I think everyone who owns an RV would appreciate it.


This book is the perfect gift for RV owners searching for inspiration and practical advice for planning their next road trip. Open Road includes itineraries for 50 fantastic road trips across the United States. They are organized by region or length. The wide range of trips will appeal to every RVer. This book will serve as a good companion on the road.


This book is a great way to help RV owners create classy cocktails in their camp bar. Camp Cocktails offers a variety of great drink recipes that are easy to make for novice bartenders. Warm cocktails are a must for cold nights and there is even a section on how to incorporate foraged ingredients into your drink.

Kindle Paperwhite – When you lack space for real books

Are you searching for gift ideas for RV owner who likes to read? While traveling, RVers quickly realize that there is not enough space to carry all the books they want.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift for RVers who love to read. It is ideal for those who have limited space and want to keep their library organized. My Kindle is my mainstay in our campervan.

Board Games

Board games are great for when you can’t get out on the roads. You never know when the weather might turn foul and you will find yourself in cramped quarters for most of the day. 

Coloring Book

A really fun RV camping gift idea is a Happy Campers adult coloring book!

Some of these could be used as Christmas gifts for RVers by a family. Each member can get their own.

Portable speaker

Although your friend likely has a stereo system installed in their RV, a Bluetooth speaker lets them bring the tunes outside after they have set up camp. While I wouldn’t recommend blasting music in a crowded campground setting, it is nice to be able to enjoy your favorite songs around the campfire when there are no other people. OontZ speaker is rechargeable via USB. It has long-lasting battery life.

Cozy gifts for RV owners

Warm blanket

These luxurious Pendelton wool blankets will add warmth and texture to the RV’s bedding.

To keep the warmth in, you may layer the bedding system with a sheet and down blanket. It fits perfectly on the standard van bed. But, if you have more space, you might be able to get a larger size for your favorite RV owner.

King Kong’s camp chair

A camp chair is a wonderful gift for someone who enjoys the outdoors. RV owners have the ability to prioritize comfort overweight. King Kong’s camp chair is very comfortable due to its extra padding. It also sits high off of the ground. This durable camp chair will last a long time and will make a great gift for any RV owner.

 Portable Ice Maker – When you need a nice cold drink

Although a portable ice maker is not something every RV owner uses, it’s something I think many should.

A regular-sized RV refrigerator will not allow for freezer space. Portable ice makers are great if you enjoy having ice with your beverages.

String Lights

Camping owners love rope lights and strings lights for their practical and enjoyable reasons.

The practical reasons are: They are useful for seeing at night, keeping rodents and mice away and providing extra security if left on overnight. You can make a big difference in your RVing experience by making sure you sleep in a safe place.

They are fun! They look great and add a fun element to RVing.

It is such a pleasure to drive through an RV park at night, or during the holiday season, and see all the decorations and string lights around.

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

You can make a cup of premium coffee in 4 minutes with a French Press. Add fresh coffee grounds and hot water. Let it sit for about a minute before you press.

What’s special about a french press? Coffee beans are pressed to extract the right amount of essential oils from the coffee bean. This gives the best flavor.

Fun gifts for RV owners

State Sticker Map

Maps are all fun. Sticker maps are MORE fun and becoming very popular!

31 Awesome Gifts for RV Owners that they will Love
State sticket map

Recorded among our interesting RV accessories, say decal maps assist you to keep an eye on what conditions you’ve seen in your shop. Every decal we stand makes us feel as though we’ve accomplished still another fantastic experience.

Our very own state decal map has hints on each nation, which makes it pretty enlightening for our kiddies too.

Happy Camper’s Mug

This novelty happy camper mug is essential for any camping trip. It can be used to make your morning cup of coffee outside while you enjoy the outdoors and listen to nature. It makes a great gift for the happy camper in your life.

Humorous Decorative Pillow

Humor is always is a good idea. That is why pillows with humorous sayings make great gifts for RV campers. You’ll find a variety of sayings, including:

* Sorry about what I said while setting up the camper caravan

* Camping, where you pay a small fortune to live like a homeless person

* Sorry, I made a mistake while trying to park camper.

Another great idea: This super-soft neck support travel pillow is a great option, too!

Welcome Flag

Help your family and friends reveal their RV excitement using a personalized welcome flag! There are lots of welcome flag layouts to pick from.

Make sure you catch a flag stand as well! Welcome flags could make for great gifts for camper owners.

Simple gifts for RV owners like this one can very quickly create their daily life.

Camping Ornament

When it’s the time of the season, subsequently camping decorations could result in great Xmas gifts for RV owners. I adore that glittery camping decoration.

Frankly, I’m purchasing some Xmas gifts for RVers within our own lives this season, along with gifting ornaments can be actually a small and easy idea.

 Camping PJs

Not as practical, but so much more fun, is to gift the RV woman in your life with some fun camping PJs.

I hope that this gift guide inspired you to think of some gifts for your RV owners, friends and family. For any questions or other suggestions, please comment below. And don’t forget to look at our other gear resources!

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