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Eureka got its beginning completely back in 1895 in their small jar store in up state ny. Ever since that time, the provider has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of functional and innovative camping lands for practically any external atmosphere.

Nowadays, Eureka makes heaps of unique tents, therefore locating the perfect choice isn’t simple.

Here Are Three attributes Which Make a good Eureka tent:

Appropriate capacity. While looking for the second tent, then it’s crucial you will purchase the one that has the correct size for the collection

waterproof. All of Eureka tents are fully watertight, while a few have vestibules and awnings for a lot more weather security

Gear storage. When It’s a vestibule, overhead equipment attic, or inside pockets, then all of Eureka tents possess some form of storage option for the equipment

We understand just how essential it really is for one to receive yourself a Eureka tent that is ideal for you personally, which explains precisely why we curated this listing of the seven most useful options out there. That will aid you, we put together a buyer’s guide, filled with all of the info that you want to pick the next Eureka tent.

Eureka Solitaire AL Tent
Eureka Solitaire AL Tent

Listed below are just 7 top Eureka tents for the camping requirements.

For anyone hardcore experiences where weight reduction are very important, the Eureka Solitaire AL Tent can be still a solid option.

With a straightforward two-pole style and design, this tent is fast and simple to establish. Its own 7000 series aluminum sticks are light weight, yet durable enough to withstand frequent use in harsh surroundings.

The tent itself features a tunnel-style form. This gives it increased strength in windy weather conditions without adding unnecessary weight to a package.

In addition, Eureka made this scooter using a full-coverage 68D 185T polyester taffeta rainfly which features a 1500mm waterproof coating that will assist you remain dry once the weather will not cooperate. On cool nights, then that protector includes large net panels which may be wholly vulnerable for optimum airflow.

The Eureka Solitaire AL Tent packs into a little 6″ x 2 1″ (1-5 x 53cm) material sack for greater durability. Plus, regardless of the tent’s streamlined living space, it’s two internal storage pockets that will assist you to keep organized in the hills.

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What We Enjoy

  • Exceptionally portable, light weight design for use.
  • Weather Proof . Total coverage rain fly and lasting structure. Large mesh panels for venting.

What We Do Not Enjoy

  • Low summit height reduces internal distance.
  • No more vestibule. Does not always have outside covered storage.

Eureka Alpenlite 2XT Tent

Eureka tents

If it involves extreme weather trips in to the hills, the Eureka Alpenlite 2XT Tent is still a trustworthy refuge that is intended to help keep you dry.

It’s built with an original mixture of the standard aframe design and also a contemporary terrace form. This permits the tent to do extremely well at the end without skimping on interior space.

As a result of the burly aluminum sticks and thick 75D 190T polyester ripstop rainfly, this scooter is made to maintain in filthy weather. Its own rain-fly also includes 1800mm StormShield water-proofing to make certain that water remains beyond the tent.

Using a fast and easy create system, thanks to its simple-to-use rod clips, this tent can be thrown in only a couple of minutes. It has the complete collection of reflective guy workouts to maintain the tent educated and anchored at the end.

Certainly one of the most unusual features of this Eureka Alpenlite 2XT Tent is its own PU translucent windows. With a huge window across the ample equipment storage vestibule, it is possible to readily watch in the current weather and also find some good pure lighting within the tent.

What We Enjoy

  • Hierarchical structure . Allergic to withstand harsh rain and wind.
  • Plenty of day lighting . Large PU window lets in sun lighting.
  • Large vestibule offers lots of storage space.

What We Do Not Enjoy

  • Limited headroom. Low peak height minimizes internal space.
  • No vestibule. Doesn’t have external covered gear storage.

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Eureka Mountain Pass Tent

Eureka tents

Notably heavy to get a two man backpacking tent.

Light weight, yet oh-so-durable, the Eureka Mountain Pass Tent can be really a go to refuge for winter time usage below tree line.

Using a simple to establish hook and clip rod system, this scooter may help simplify the casting procedure once you initially arrive at camp at evening time. Its 9.5millimeter aluminum sticks may also be strong enough to defy moderate snow heaps without slowing down your package.

For outstanding functionality through the entire calendar year, this scooter comes with a distinctive inner human body structure. It’s 20D 400T rip stop polyester for extra warmth from sunlight, in addition to large mesh panels for breathability and heating reduction.

For greater venting on muggy days as well as at stormy states, this protector includes a high/low air flow venting system along with removable side panel ports.

In addition, though it just has a doorway, the Eureka Mountain Pass Tent comes with a over sized vestibule, that will be ideal for storing wet gear. Indoors, there is also an overhead gear attic for decluttering your space on the floor and providing ample livability.

What We Enjoy

  • Adaptive to get a 4 season tent.
  • Gear storage at vestibule and overhead attic.
  • Properly ventilated with removable side panels for extra breathability.

What We Do Not Enjoy

  • Limits access and entrance.

Eureka Space Camp 4

Eureka Space Camp 4
Eureka Space Camp 4

A cheap alternative for car camping in a price range, the more Eureka Space Camp 4 per summer shelter for experiences near the street.

It sports a massive footprint to get a 4 person tent, allowing everyone to really have the distance that they desire for relaxing and comfort. The tent also includes two large doors for simple entrance and exit which means that you never need to creep about friends and family to answer nature’s call through the nighttime time.

Within the tent, you can find 10 pockets for keeping your ground decluttered and coordinated. Additionally there is 3 large vestibules, one over each doorway, to retain the tent entry dry and also to offer you extra gear storage distance.

As it’s made for 3 year swimming, the Eureka Space Camp 4 has large mesh panels within the inner human anatomy, in addition to an Air Exchange System for extra venting. To increase airflow on hot days, you may also convert the child’s vestibules in to awnings to get a little bit of color from sunlight.

What We Enjoy

  • Vestibule may be thrown as a awning.
  • A great deal of gear storage. 10 storage pockets and two vestibules.
  • Enormous doors permit simple entrance and exit.

What We Do Not Enjoy

  • Low-ceiling Height. Perhaps not large enough to get several cyclists.

Eureka Timberline SQ 4XT Tent

Eureka tents

Combining a excellent mixture of strength, functionality, and affordability, and the Eureka Timberline SQ 4XT Tent can be a all-around tent for little group biking experiences. Despite its own spacious floor measurements, the crate is light weight for a4 person protector and may even be thrown with no internal system for even more weight savings.

This scooter boasts extra-strong DAC DA17 aluminum sticks in Eureka’s proprietary SQ design style and design, which can help to cut back without compromising on endurance. As a consequence of its aframe structure, this scooter is particularly operational in windy weather conditions.

Its burly 68D 190T ripstop polyester rain fly has been PU treated for extra water proofing. It’s a exceptional shape that offers full coverage for your full tent, in addition to being a 75D polyester taffeta bath tub style floor to keep you dry and warm from sunlight.

With two oversize doors, the Eureka Timberline SQ 4XT isn’t hard to be in and outside with the tent through the nighttime. Front entrance also includes a sizable 15.3 squarefoot (1.4 sq. m) vestibule for storing wet gear away from the tent.

What We Enjoy

  • Enormous vestibule. Provides ample storage.
  • Strong rods made out of solid DAC aluminum for durability.
  • Adaptive to get a 4 man tent.

What We Do Not Enjoy

  • Aframe sloped walls restricts head space.

Eureka Desert Canyon Tent

Eureka Desert Canyon Tent
Eureka Desert Canyon Tent

Built to help keep your household comfortable on the weekend car camping get aways, the Eureka Desert Canyon Tent is an entirely outfitted refuge that highlights functionality.

With a 6 person max occupancy, this scooter is spacious enough for a little family. Its own near-vertical wall arrangement can help to make the most of the inner design of this tent while its own 7′ 5″ (2.3m) centre height helps to ensure nearly all cyclists should have the ability to stand vertical.

This tent features a pair of cultured steel and fiberglass rods that give you the firmness required to maintain at the end and the rain. Its dense 75D polyester taffeta body and also rain-fly also help ensure that you remain dry from sunlight.

For extra venting on hot evenings, Eureka designed this scooter using four large mesh windows. The oversize rain-fly additionally extends across the entranceway and the dividers for extra weather resistance in wet surroundings.

Even though the Eureka Desert Canyon Tent does not always have a vestibule, it can have four storage pockets and an inside gear caddy that will help your loved ones stay organized through your journey.

What We Enjoy

  • Great enough for pretty much all cyclists.
  • Broad interior. Steel and fiber glass rods, also thick lace fabrics.

What We Do Not Enjoy

  • No more vestibule. Does not have any outside storage.

Eureka Copper Canyon LX 12 Tent

Eureka tents

Spacious and luxurious, the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 1-2 Tent can be the home overseas to get large-group automobile camping experiences. Having sufficient distance for approximately 12 campers, it’s an perfect setup for families and more camping trips.

This tent comes with a ceramic and steel framework, which puts up thanks to its rod sleeve and speedy clip layout. As a result of its burly rod structure, this scooter also includes close vertical walls, allowing for greater livability and functionality.

It’s two oversize doors so that it’s easier for all to enter and depart the tent through the nighttime. Each doorway is partially included in the elongated rain-fly, which keeps the tent dry from sunlight.

To guarantee breathability on hot summer months, this scooter includes enormous net windows on each wall. These windows have watertight curtains once the elements does not desire to collaborate.

Oh, as well as the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 1-2 Tent also Includes a detachable room divider. This way you can divide it in two rooms so every one receives the solitude and individual space that they desire while still swimming.

What We Enjoy

  • Living room divider for considerable solitude and versatility.
  • Enormous doors permit simple entrance and exit.
  • Over sized windows provide ventilation on hot evenings.

What We Do Not Enjoy

  • Even to get a car camping tent.

Eureka Tents Buyer’s Guide

Eureka supplies a excellent lineup of tents for practically any kind of camping trip, therefore it is clear if you are not exactly sure that is ideal for you personally.

Listed here are probably the most crucial things that you want to learn before purchasing a Eureka tent.

There are various kinds of Eureka tents, each having their own distinct benefits and pitfalls.

Types of Eureka tents

  • Backpacking tents, just like the Eureka Alpenlite 2XT Tentare created for smaller groups who are looking to venture from extended trips in to more remote places. They’re light weight, highly mobile, and are lasting from the end, however they’ve lesser centre heights and more streamlined insides.
  • Toilet and family camp tents, like the Eureka Space Camp 4, were created more with relaxation at heart. They’ve high ceiling heights and more spacious interiors that provide ample livability for trips to road side campgrounds. But they have been overweight to package for many backpacking experiences.
  • Enormous collection tents, also a high-capacity cabin-style tent, just like the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 1-2 Tent, is best. These tents exude relaxation and livability, together with near-vertical walls and higher ceiling peaks. They are inclined to be rather heavy, but that frequently isn’t too large of a challenge for emergency camping.
  • Winter tents, like the Eureka Mountain Pass Tent, are made specifically for yearlong usage. They’ve heavier fabrics and burlier sticks which may withstand heavy snow loads. The drawback is they’re frequently thicker compared to their 3 season counter parts, however there are a number of light weight selections out there.
  • Mountaineering tents are all crafted for usage in freshwater surroundings, where the elements can be unpleasant. They have been normally very much like winter biking tents, however are made out of much stronger substances that package all the way down into a compact dimensions.
  • Motorcycle and Bike touring tents. For van and bike vacationing, little 1 man tents, like the Eureka Solitaire AL, are all ideal. These tents have a small packed dimensions and also a lightweight that can make sure they are perfect for packing to a pannier or even for intermittent usage to van-based trips. But like backpacking tents, they supply minimal inner space.
  • Festivals tents, like the Eureka Desert Canyon Tent, which are spacious and simple to put are all ideal. Festival tents generally get a focus in your relaxation, which regularly comes at the expense of weight and packed size.

The form of a kayak has an immediate effect on the way that it plays in real life. Here Is What you really Want to understand:

Aframe tents, like the Eureka Timberline SQ 4XT Tent, maintain well from the end and also are exemplary from the snow and rain as a result of their tight sided walls. That said, these tight walls limit that the inner space of this tent and may frequently cause them to feel just a bit claustrophobic when full of maximum occupancy.

Dome tents, like the Eureka Mountain Pass Tent, offer a number of the exact advantages of aframe tents, however with additional livability. Their walls are somewhat more subdued, which enriches their inner head space. When this detracts slightly from the tent’s means to stave away rain and snow also leaves place up marginally more technical, many cyclists like the inner distance of dome-style tents.

Cabin tents, including models just like the Eureka Desert Canyon Tentare tremendously popular for car camping, family swimming pool, and festivals as their close vertical walls deliver maximum interior space. They often possess high centre heights and supply lots of space to large collections. But this livability is sold at the cost of wind-resistance, weightloss, and pack-ability in order that they’re frequently not perfect for back packing.

Every tent has a maximum capacity, which explains how a lot of people can comfortably sit indoors. Businesses, such as Eureka, provide an extensive assortment of distinct tent capabilities, from the person Eureka Solitaire AL Tent into the 1-2 person Eureka Copper Canyon LX 1-2 Tent.

Most tent businesses offer their tents at multiples of two (i.e., two person, 4 person( 6 individual ), though that is out of tradition than for a certain reason. Many bikers have a tendency to experience in sets of two, 4, or 6, and that explains the reason why tents are typically sized for this objective.

Obviously, you could possibly get one person, 3 person, and 5 person tents, they are simply never as popular because their even-numbered counter parts.

Where to Get Eureka tents?

Eureka is actually a favorite tent manufacturer, and that means that you may find their gear in numerous different big retailers.

All these Are Just Some of the largest merchants which inventory Eureka tents:

Back-country is a online-only exterior gear shop that sells everything from tents to surfboards. They often offer you free delivery on orders $50, that will be among reasons why they are so common. Additionally they supply free yields for upto 30 days after purchase and may help with warranty claims on several select products.

REI can be a very favorite outdoor merchant in the USA that sells both on the web and in store. The business provides a generous 100% satisfaction guarantee with free returns, replacements, or refunds to some one of their merchandise to get upto 1 year later purchase (receipt required!) .

CampSaver can be just a gear socket that has its beginning in 2003 in order for outdoor enthusiasts to acquire cheap gear. They supply services and products from a broad selection of organizations and so they will have a rewards program for frequent shoppers. Nowadays, you’ll be able to purchase virtually anything about Amazon and also Eureka Tents are on the list. It’s possible to occasionally conjure amazing bargains on tents throughout the site in addition to fast, free transportation through Amazon Prime.

Together with Eureka tents, you are backed with the organization’s limited warranty policy. This covers defects in workmanship and materials for the duration of the goods.

An item’s life is a somewhat abstract component of step, nevertheless, you may normally expect organizations to honor their promises tents for approximately 5 to ten decades. But, Eureka’s warranty (such as those on almost every other tent businesses ) doesn’t cover damage resulting from routine deterioration or neglect.

Bearing that in mind, Eureka will give you an excellent 60-day trial on each of their own products. Consequently, in the event that you employ the tent and decide over the initial 60 days it’s not best for you, then you could always go back. Plus, following the 60-day trial is finished, the business can be pleased to correct any harm to a tent which is not covered by warranty for a fair fee.

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