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Elements To Think About When Choosing An Ultra Light Sleeping Bag

Posted by admin | Adventure,Camping,Outdoors,Tents | Wednesday 8 September 2010 8:02 pm
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When searching for an ultra light sleeping bag there is likely to be a lot of factors. There’s going to be one big choice, what sort of fill do you need? They have two selections for fill, synthetic of down. A synthetic bag is much better whenever you are going to be in an area that is damp or having a chance of getting wet because of downs very bad waterproofing. A down sleeping bag is over all a much lighter and warmer fill for per ounce ratings.


If you were to select one for the lightest bag you would have to go with goose down hands down. Temperature rating makes a significant variance for weights because the fill rate has a great deal to do with your weight. On a goose down sleeping bag a fill rate of 1000 is very warm and a rating of 650 is colder. A synthetic will add more fiber to insulate you and keep you warm.


A lot of ultra light sleeping bags have a microfiber shell due to its properties of not ripping quickly and being extremely light. This makes for a really great sleeping bag. When on the market for an ultra light sleeping bag the setup that you ought to get all depends how cold you’re likely to be camping. For example, if you are camping at temperatures that only get as low as 30 degrees a 20 degree bag is the bag to get.


The perfect setup for weathers as cold as 30 degrees  although also keeping extremely light would need to be a goose down sleeping bag with a power fill rating of around 800. This will keep you extremely warm and can weigh as low as a pound. Good luck finding the perfect sleeping bag for you and remember that synthetics can keep their warmth even when wet.


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