Basic Camping Checklist

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Do you see anything on this list missing? Or any item that should not be on the list? If so, just add it in the comment file below this list.  We will add it (if appropriate) and make sure you get credit for it on this site. Good Luck! 


Eating/Food Prep                          

Cook stove and fuel 

Portable grill


Folding Chairs

Nesting cookware

Cooking and eating utensils

Plates, cups, bowls

Biodegradable dish soap

Can opener


Ice or ice substitutes


Paper towels

Trash bags

Beverage jugs or 5-gallon water carrier filled with drinking water

Sleeping and Comfort

Air bed with pump or camp pad

Sleeping bags


Camping Gear

Tent, poles and stakes

Lantern and fuel

Extra lantern mantles


Waterproof match container

Compass and maps


Extra batteries

Ground cover or tarp

Multipurpose knife or camper’s tool

Rope, cord or wire


First aid kit

Bath towels

Biodegradable soap

Insect repellent

Layered clothing

Toilet paper


You’ll be glad you brought…


Coffee pot


Plastic zipper bags

Pot scrubbers and rags

Salt and pepper

Plastic wrap

Tool kit – hand axe, rubber ten-peg mallet, tent stake puller

Tent repair kit

Extra tent stakes


Whisk broom and dust pan

Fire starter sticks

Firewood for campfires

Folding saw

Fuel funnel (if using a liquid fuel lantern or stove)

Lantern carry case

Lantern tripod

New Tent - Tips Before You Use It!

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Many people go camping every year as it is a fun activity to do. Most people enjoy sleeping in a tent for the protection from the elements as well as the insects in the area that can cause you problems. If you just got a new tent to go camping with, there are some things that you need to do with it before actually using it camping for the first time.

Set the tent up in your backyard first.
This will give you an idea about how it works, how to unpack it, how to roll it back up, and the general overview about what it takes to get this working properly. You do not want to be trying to read and understand directions as it’s getting dark or when everyone else is ready go to have fun and is done with their tents or campling setup chores. Setting it up one before hand is all it should take, and should be fun too.

Anything else to set the tent up?
For example, the stakes might have been hard to get into the ground. You might need a solution like a hammer to get those in the ground. This helps you find out what you need before you are out camping.

Apply the proper rain protection.
Although many tents say they are waterproof, you need to add your own. There are plenty of sprays on the market for this purpose. This is not considered a 100% necessity, you will sleep much better the first time it rains in your new tent.

Clean out your tent & let it air out.
You can do this in the backyard before you use it each time.This will help get out the smells of your garage or shed where you are most likely storing it so that it smells better.

Check the fit!
If backpacking with your tent, add it to your gear to get an idea about how it fits and how much it weighs. This will give you a good feel for how the tent is going to work out for you.

Here is a tip!
Additionally, attempt to set up the tent in the darker hours of the day. This means using just a flash light to help you. If you can do it like this, you will be able to camp with that tent with no problems.