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Camping essentials with my girlfriend?

Posted by admin | Adventure | Wednesday 13 October 2010 1:10 am
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Question by Leoprasy: Camping essentials with my girlfriend?
Going camping with my girlfriend in a few weeks for the first time for both of us and just wonder what things we are going to need. I don’t want to get there and think ‘we should have brought that’. Thanks for any help.

Best answer:

Answer by ninja
depends on what type of camping you are doing. Are you backpacking or just camping at a camsite?

When my husband and I go camping at a campsite, this is the stuff we bring:
- Tent
- Tarp
- Rope
- Air mattress w/ pump
- Sleeping bags
- Pillows
- latern
- Extra small propane tanks
- Camping stove
- Cookware
- Food/water/drinks
- table clothe for the picnic table
- Dish soap/scrubby pad
- Games
- Cook stove
- Matches/lighter
- Flashlights
- Extra clothes
- Fire wood (or if you want to buy it there or find your own)
- Cooler (with food/drinks)
- Eating utensils (paper plates, plastic bowls and plastic spoons/forks/knives)
- First aid kit
- Stuff to play at the river with (we camp by the river, so we take tubes and stuff for that)
- Hatchet to cut wood with

However, if you are going backpacking, you will want to pack much lighter:
- tent
- Sleeping bag
- Extra change of clothes
- Food (possible freeze dried to save space)
- Matches

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  1. Comment by Timothy — October 13, 2010 @ 1:14 am

    Make sure you take comfortable toilet paper. And Tylenol, because there are going to be headaches. I still forget something each time. Good luck and have fun!

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