Camping blanket

A warm, comfy sleeping strategy is a pleasant cure after a very long day’s trekking, fishing, hunting, climbing, or even another interesting outdoor exercise. Most cyclists will elect to get a sleeping bag and tent combo because of their simplest installation while some are going to swap the tote to get the longer penalizing camping blanket.

Thus, just consider camping blankets as stripped-down versions of one’s home duvet or blanket.

But, camping blankets are powerful enough to safeguard you from the weather and keep you warm through the entire evening time.

We’ve piled up 12 of their finest from the current market and thoroughly nit-picked on every one of these you are able to obtain a simple encounter when having your own personal.

Whether you are trying to find the cheapest, versatile, comfortable, or many insulative, the subsequent selection has something for everybody. Thus, step from one’s sleeping bag cocoon and consider both of those blankies for the outside sleep system.

1. Kelty Bestie Blanket

  • Loaded with useful features and accessories that make it comfy and easy to use
  • Provides unmatched versatility as it can double up as a pillow
  • Very generous in size
  • Machine-washable in a front-loading machine and is quick to dry
Not good
  • Not waterproof and may not be suitable as a ground cover over wet grounds or grass
  • It doesn’t fully fit or even pack-down small into the stuff sack
  • If your hands are moist, the outer shell tends to stick to them compromising on its coziness.
  • The corner snaps in either of the models feel gimmicky and may not serve the intended purpose.

Camping blanket

The blanket includes just one large dimension and might be purchased in either of its two brilliant dual-tone fashions.

Even the Bestie blanket’s protective shirt along with silky-soft liner ensures it is the ideal accessory for lounging around a campfire or snuggling on the sofa. Plus, in case it gets dirty, simply toss it on your own front-loading machine and apply it to get the very best results.

Comfy and Warm

When it might not defend you against inclement weather, even the less 190T Polyester Pongee bottom significantly more than makes it up in being more comfortable. The material can be nonslippery and won’t create any sounds as you proceed.

The blanket will probably always be in your lap without slipping off and also the warmth-to-weight ratio isn’t merely enough for casual usage.

Moreover, the polyester shirt will maintain moisture out for a degree, and also the Cloudloft insulating material will ensure substantial heat retention. You’ll find no temperature evaluations on the system therefore that you can wish to get well prepared with a far more competent blanket or sleeping bag in case you are camping in cold.

Else, Bestie blankets would be definitely the most comfortable nontechnical options you’re going to receive from the marketplace now.

At approximately 75.5 inches in span and also 42.5 inches in diameter, the Bestie camping blanket could possibly be somewhat too small for a lot of people. But it can function as two-person blankie for kiddies while for adults, this will probably only revolve around your laps or shoulders.

Durable Light Weight Blankie

The blanket also includes strongly stitched tiles and reinforced edges for optimum durability.

But when it has to do with the silky-soft under-belly, exactly the exact same can readily float on the fabric. Kelty Bestie camping blankets additionally include a cross-stitched design to keep the insulation out of clumping from the center or towards the borders.

The consequent packaged size is really a moderate 11.8 inches from 6.7 inches squared bundle.

The drawstring on the stuff sack ensures that your blanket is kept out to a small, streamlined form factor. Additionally, the conveniently-placed handle is great for handling and portability.


The Bestie blanket out of Kelty can be a lightweight blanket which excels in being super comfortable and inexpensive. Sureit can lack the majority of the flashy attributes however, it makes it up by being the greatest casual camping blanket on the industry.

You can utilize it in order to find additional warmth and coziness when watching movies in your home, lounging round a camp fire, or merely napping in a hammock. Nevertheless we expect Kelty provides us longer sizes to choose from as well as perhaps a few Bestie blankets together with water proofing.

2. Klymit Versa Camping Blanket

  • Packed with useful functions and accessories which ensure it is comfy and simple to make use of
  • offers unparalleled flexibility as it could double up like a cushion
  • Quite generous in dimensions
  • Machine-washable at a front-loading machine also can be quick to wash

Not good
  • perhaps not watertight and might well not be convenient as a groundcover within wet grounds or bud
  • it generally does not fully fit and on occasion maybe pack-down small in to the stuff sack
  • In case both hands are moist, then the outer shell has a tendency to stay glued for them endangering on its own coziness.
  • The corner pops in both of the units texture gimmicky and might not function as intended function.

Camping blanket

If awards have been not anything to go by then your Versa camping blanket has anyone to its name; the apparatus Institute’s 2018 Greatest Brand New Gear Award. Klymit place the bar high with all the timeless Versa camping blanket also has been doing this with the newer Luxe version.

The Versa camping blankets are all lightweight accessories designed to your outdoors. When it’s for camping, picnicking, each trip to the shore, or aviation, the blanket can be the ideal companion.

Large, Cozy Blanket

Klymit’s Versa blanket is so tremendous; it measures roughly 80 inches by 58 inches wide. It’s going to offer loads of policy for tall men and will also be shared between 2 different people but minus a lot of this material overhang.

The blanket is most appropriate for uses like a lap blanket, picnic blanket, and also a portion of their sleeping system. The Versa blankets are all good alternatives for sunshine sleeping since they might be best utilized in temperatures to 60° F.

But be careful of where you put it on as the blanket lacks some water immunity or waterproofing qualities.

To keep up the warmth, both models have the Klymalite artificial attic insulation, which is constructed from 0.7-denier synthetic microfiber filling. The Versa blankets have a 20-denier ripstop polyester shell for optimal relaxation and durability.

Even the Luxe version takes up this a notch with all the additional technological high-loft fleece, that feels soft to the touch and marginally helps improve heat retention.

Feature-rich and Versatile

The Versa blanket includes four corner pockets plus an integrated foot box, corner hinges, along with an included stuff sack.

The pockets could be applied as hand-warmers or hands pockets to guarantee the blanket place, that will be particularly useful when discussing it with a pal. The built-in foot box helps to keep your toes warm and may be applied like a pillowcase to the material of the remaining part of the blanket.

Yes, even a camping blanket which handily becomes a cushion, so less gear to take and fantastically affordable.

In addition, the corner slides enable one to put in the blanket to a poncho rendering it the right fit for lounging round a campfire. The Luxe model additionally includes a drawcord to supply you with a snug fit across the neck and head.

The added stuff sack makes moving and storing round the package that easier. But, given the many added features in model, the consequent packaging will feel marginally thicker and thicker than desirable.

Weighing 3.2 lbs, the more recent version is nearly 3 times thicker than the initial Versa blanket.


A blanket which transforms into a cushion and an integrated footbox are a few of the additional features you are going to be receiving using the Versa blanket. As a warm weather blankie, it seems comfy to sleep and is still just a fantastic match because of its own price.

Additionally, the majority of the complaints and inefficiencies from the original award version are addressed from the broader however thicker Luxe variant.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Wavelength Blanket

  • Thick and puffy for greatest relaxation
  • includes an easy and operational design
  • includes effective insulating material that is sure to help keep you warm in cold weather
  • includes a drawstring stuff sack for easy saving and reliability
  • The non uniform layout does a fantastic job in preventing scuff
  • The highlighted piping color appears fashionable and chic
  • The total look of blanket is simply amazing to check out.
  • Includes a slick outer cloth Which Makes It harder to maintain the blanket in place
  • It can not be Machine Washed Employing a Regular house Automatic Washer
  • The blanket’s fat and packed size Might Not Be Acceptable for backpackers and Light Weight walkers
Not good
  • Includes a slick outer cloth Which Makes It harder to maintain the blanket in place
  • It can not be Machine Washed Employing a Regular house Automatic Washer
  • The blanket’s fat and packed size Might Not Be Acceptable for backpackers and Light Weight walkers

Camping blanket

Offered in a gray color with blue-green-, or red-colored borders, the Wavelength camping blanket can be too comfy and bloated since they come. The synthetic blanket is created by the nimble ALPS Mountaineering, which includes years of experience making high-quality exterior gear.

The Wavelength camping blanket comprises ALP’s proprietary TechLoft Silver insulating material and is constructed from long-lasting high-quality substances. Despite this being accessible just 1 size, the camping blanket will not have its own qualities.

Protective and Insulative

Its synthetic TechLoft Silver insulating material is manufactured from 100 percent resinated polyester fiber batting, which ensures maximum heating and water repellency. As the slick 20-denier, 380T nylon fabric over top and underside will probably feel tender and comfy putting across the human physique.

The blanket won’t get overly hot or overly sweaty in spite of the slick outer stuff. But, you might choose to make use of it in chiller weather in the place of warmer tones to your many comfortable adventures.

Don’t hesitate to put it to use together with your pets since pet hair, dirt, or some other debris is easily peeled off the slick fabric.

The blanket includes sewn-in horizontal pubs and strongly-stitched borders therefore that you don’t need to be concerned about it breaking the filling palate. But a rip-stop style in the fabric will be ideal with this particular exterior blanket.

Nofrills Design

No pockets, no no poncho settings, or some of those flashy options and accessories you may possibly see in different blankets. As an alternative, you obtain yourself a durable, fairly lightweight, and insulative blanket and also a stuff sack. The option of color (gray ) can also be blatantly in accord with the blanket’s simple style and design.

It measures approximately 80 inches in total and 54 inches in diameter, which will be large enough for a single individual and also a puppy to bed or couch with.

When packaging off the blanket, it might be compacted into a comparatively small and compact package measuring roughly 16 inches in total and 9.25 inches. The blanket fits perfectly from the included stuff sack to get easy storage and transportation.

In 2.25 lbs, the Wavelength camping blanket may possibly be exactly what you are searching for, especially if you’re mainly restricted by storage weight and space reduction. Plus, it might just be cleaned at a commercial washing system, one with no agitator.


Whether you require a blanket and keeping the heat at a concert, even a ball game, picnic, or campsite, the ALPS Mountaineering Wavelength Blanket can be just a powerful option to think about. This is going to keep you dry and warm for more.

The neutral colors and simple design frees it into a high-tech mid-century camping blanket.

4 . Sorenson Puffy Camping Blanket

  • Large enough to cover around two individuals
  • Provides exceptional insulation and waterproofing in a Really reasonable cost
  • Fairly Light Weight at marginally less than 3 lbs
  • Very flexible and flexible to many weather requirements
  • includes a well-hidden pocket to maintain your possessions
  • includes a stuff sack with Connectors for Simple storage and reliability
Not good
  • May Possibly overly cool to most people to manage or perhaps sleeping at
  • Stuffing the blanket in the sofa may prove to be hard especially in the Event That You don’t roll down it
Sorenson Puffy Camping Blanket
Sorenson Puffy Camping Blanket

Offered in a neutral blue-green gray and twilight blue color style, the Sorenson camping blanket is more elastic to many climes. Whether at the shore, inside, in a music festival, or at the shore, the blanket gets the majority of those qualities required to safeguard you from the weather and keep you warm.

Only at 80 inches in total and 54 inches in diameter, it’s large enough for a couple of men.

Weather-proof with Fantastic Insulation

Even the Sorenson Puffy camping blanket comes with a 20-denier ripstop nylon outer shell and also the organization’s proprietary atomicLoft insulating material.

Even the DWR-coated shell does an excellent job of protecting against the weather and in addition, it repels scents, sand, and hair.

Unlike many camping blankets, the Sorenson blanket asserts to own insulation with three to four times that the filling ability. Even the atomicLoft insulation is produced from a faux down with microfiber, which ends in a comfy, warm, and also high-loft unit.

A gorgeous layout was stitched throughout the blanket not just for aesthetics but above all, to continue to keep the insulating material filling out of clumping. Additionally, the borders of the blanket are double stitched to present additional robustness.


It supplies a thermal evaluation of roughly 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The blanket offers supplemental warmth and relaxation if you are at a ball game, campsite, or some other function. It is also possible to utilize it for a groundcover at the shore, campground, or on wet earth. Whatever the circumstance, the water repellent nylon is going to soon be the barrier between you and corrosion.

The Sorenson blanket additionally has an advanced covert pocket that measures approximately 9 inches by 9 inches. It may be applied to save small, valuable items near you.

Whenever you are done with this blanket, it could be compacted down into a streamlined package with dimensions of 18 inches in total and 7.75 inches. A draw-string carry bag with a band occurs for worry-free preserving and durability.

You will atmosphere dry that the blanket or merely tumble dry it into a dryer. Nevertheless, make sure you follow the contained directions about how best to wash and look after the brand new camping accessory.


If you use it in your terrace or within a camp site deep in the back country, its own materials and design will probably function to serve your requirements. Nevertheless, the slick but water repellent nylon casing may possibly involve you considering different alternatives.

5. Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket

  • Offers top-notch insulation even when wet
  • Has plenty to choose from in terms of sizes and styles
  • The wood-cotton blend allows for a scratch-free experience
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Feels warm and comfortable
Not good
  • It can only be dry cleaned
  • Lacks extra features as compared to others on our list
  • Despite it being a high-quality wool blanket, it’s costlier than most camping blankets
  • May cause allergic reactions to some people
  • May be too heavy for lightweight camping
  • May shed slightly more than desired.
Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket
Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket

Going head-to-head with the modern multi-layered and technologically advanced camping blankets would be the Yakima Camp wool blanket out of Pendleton. The blanket comes with a vintage style comparable to the timeless ombré stripes substantially like the style employed from the Hudson’s Bay point blankets.

In the beginning, we thought it leaned much too much on the nostalgia effect given its exorbitant pricing for that which sounds like a conventional wool blanket.

High-performance Wool Blend

The Yakima Camp Blanket is constructed from a combination of 86% wool along with 14% cotton clad fibers. This works wonders for eliminating the scratchiness of wool whilst still keeping its insulative and water-repellency qualities. The upper and bottom coating feels soft to the touch and won’t slip off the own body such as other camping blankets.

With up to about three sizes out there to your own picking, you are going to find yourself a suitably sized blanket to keep you warm.

Even the wool-cotton combination does an excellent job of heat rendering it a comparatively hot blanket. The tiny heat-trapping air-pockets generated from the fibers make everything possible.

Warm Blanket for All Occasions

Do not worry about your furry, sand, and sometimes debris sticking into the blanket since they are easily peeled off. But we discovered that the always-drawn pet’s claws botched up the top layer of the blanket as time passes.

The burden was likewise a small let down but the blanket continues to be quite light compared to the wool ones. The double size weighs only 4.8 pounds whilst the queen is slightly heavier in 6.14 lbs. In addition, portability was significantly enhanced by the added clear plastic shell that is also zippered as well as reusable.

What’s more, the variations in dimensions, color, and layouts give you a lot to pick from. Hopefully, that is enough of a compromise to its dearth of extra characteristics and dry-only washability.


The Yakima Camp Blanket is offered in queen, double-sided, and also throw sizes and will be purchased in both its four colors that are classic. It works exceptionally well to get a wool blanket but may possibly be overly pricey, thick, and tight for all dealerships.

But in the event that you should be on the lookout for a fantastic excellent wool camping blanket then this really is only one of the greatest that you’ll find.

6. Mambe Extreme Weather Camping Blanket

  • Has plenty of choices to spoil you with from varying sizes to 8 color styles
  • Despite not having shoulder straps, the included sack comes in handy in terms of storage and portability
  • It is cozy and warm thanks to the nylon-backed Polartec fleece
Not good
  • May be a bit heavier and bulkier to pack and transport as compared to most camping blankets
  • Neither of its sizes comes with a budget-friendly price
  • The no-straps carrying bag may be a deal-breaker for some people

Camping blanket

If you buy it done small or huge sizes, then you are sure to appreciate its effective insulating material and design that is practical.

The blanket may allow you to retain your own body heat and keep hot in cold climes including outdoor hot tub, camping trips, music theatres, and stadiums amongst others.

Weather-proof and Insulative

At a large 8-4 inches and 5 8 inches wide, so the Extreme Weather blanket can drape on the own body without slipping off. Additionally, the reflective nylon liner helps in avoiding a lack in luminous body heat.

The star of this series that the Polartec Classic 300GSM Fleece can be an industry-standard insulation fabric for outside wear.

Consequently, the blanket is both windproof and weather-proof to a level and can protect in any climate.

Versatility over Portability

The blankets may be utilized for all types of purposes like a picnic blanket, a lap blanket, and sometimes maybe an emergency blanket. The Big could be shared between 2 different people as the little size is ideal as a wrap-around blankie for children or only a lap blanket.

If it gets dirty, you’ll be able to wash off this quick-drying blanket on your house washer to take back it into its own tip-top form.

Transporting the Mambe Extreme Weather blanket can be a cinch since there’s a comprised drawstring stuff sack to package down it into. Plus, it might be folded into a package of 1-5 inches long by 7 inches diameter to get the tiny one or 1-5 inches long by 9 inches in diameter to the massive blanket.

Sure the packaged sizes might be considered a bit too thick and bulky to address for a lot of people. Nevertheless, the bag will not have a daisy chain and attachment points to hold it into a bunch of insert connectors for easier movability.


Yet, most bikers may possibly pass about it to get the heft and large packaged size while some are going to frown at the shortage of shoulder slings on its own stuff sack.

Anyway, concerning the operation and allow you to warm, the blanket is going to have the desired effect!

7. YETI Lowlands Blanket

  • Feels very snug and hot
  • Has incredible waterproofing on each side
  • Has side and corner loops which could possibly be staked to fasten it in place once put to use as a groundsheet or mat
  • includes a wonderful zippered carry bag with handles for simple parking and towing
Not good
  • YETI services and products usually have a hefty price tag and there is no distinct
  • The consequent packed-down size could be too thick and tight to get Back Packers
  • While nice-looking and operational, the transport tote might possibly be bigger with the band.

Camping blanket

Consistently with the tear-jerking rates, YETI’s entrant within this gear category could be your Lowlands Blanket. It’s a high-quality synthetic-filled camping blanket that promises to blow your competitors out of the water.

The blanket marries the delicate, cushiony underside side with the rocky, watertight, and also cushioned outer side to its greatest possible operation. The Lowlands Blanket can be found in 1 size which measures approximately 78 inches in total and 55 inches in diameter.

You can even pick between its three amazing color fashions, that go by names like River Green, Fireside Red, along Smoke Blue.

Multi-Use Blanket

YETI is large enough for two to float in and above all, you are able to contain it over you without even sacrificing its functionality.

But you may use it as a sofa or car seat cover for the pets.

The icing on the cake is the fact that it’s also machine washable and drier safe therefore if you elect for your own home washer or perhaps the laundromat the blanket will probably be sterile safely.

Practical and Trendy Extra Features

Can we say that there are additional corner loops onto this particular blanket? Like that, it’s not going to bunch up if there exists plenty of play happening onto it.

The YETI Lowlands Blanket also gets got the best-looking carry handbag we have seen at a camping blanket thus far. The zippered carrying bag looks like a little gym tote and contains handles on the trunk to enable simple towing.

Its aerodynamic design can make it effortless to package down the blanket and also can fit perfectly in the vehicle trunk.


Aside from the premium pricing in the blanket, YETI services and products rarely disappoint. You’re going to receive your money’s worth plus even more, and also the little complaints can readily be missed because of its operation you’ll be receiving with the Lowlands Blanket.

8. Rumpl Puffy Down Blanket

  • Ultra-lightweight and mobile with no compromises in operation
  • Its insulation will keep you warm so long most weather states
  • Has convenient additional features like a poncho clip, corner loops, and also a roll-top compression tote
  • it’s machine-washable and drier safe, yet, make sure you bring a few tennis balls when machine-washing it maintain its attic.
  • The nylon shell fabric is overly slippery and could readily slide , is marginally thinner than anticipated, is more vulnerable to rips and burns off, also, it could seem a little cold at first signature.
Not good
  • Additionally, it can be purchased in throw, oneperson or two-person sizes with all a previous two being accommodative for folks taller than half an hour.
  • Even as we’ve discussed at the purchasing guide belowdown would be your greatest possible solution it’s possible to buy in virtually any exterior equipment.

Camping blanket

Insulation continues to be improved by the Squarewave baffle patterns across the blanket since they avoid any untoward scenarios.

Cozy Down Blanket

Its casing is constructed from 20-denier ripstop nylon, that will be capable of resisting significant misuse despite its thinness. Nevertheless, relaxation might be slightly jeopardized with the slick nylon cloth as it leaves the blanket slide off too readily.

The nylon can also be more vulnerable to ripping when moving right through regions having low-hanging shrubs and branches. Additionally, you will want to utilize it carefully around a campfire as stray embers go directly throughout the outer shell.

Even the 1-person blanket comes with a cape clip which lets you put in it to some handsfree poncho without losing over the warmth and coziness element. This is useful once you wish to catch a snack or beverage, or if lounging around a campfire.

Corner loops will also be found on the blanket that will assist you to bet it down from the ground firmly.

Super-lightweight and Portable

The Puffy Down is among the lightest, top-notch camping blankets in the industry now. Around its available sizes, it weighs just one pound, 1.2 lbs, and 2.1 lbs. Combine this shed weight together with the added stuff sack and you are left with a lightweight and mobile blanket nonetheless.

Additionally, the roll-top compression tote helps package the 1-person blanket into a tiny compact size of roughly 7 inches long and 7 inches.


Besides the pitfalls of its own nylon casing and lining fabric, the Puffy Down Blanket follows the disposition of its own pre eminent predecessor and significantly outperforming most camping blankets on the marketplace these days. If weight and space for storage are the major concerns then here may be an excellent game you’ve been awaiting.

9. NEMO Puffin Insulated Blanket

  • The bowed edges of the blanket work wonderfully in providing extra coverage
  • Has a soft nylon fabric that effectively repels water, dirt, pet fur, and debris
  • The high-loft synthetic insulation allows for a warm and cozy covering
  • It is uniquely designed to prevent heat loss and to keep you warm in most climes
  • Has functional additional features such as the Foot Nook foot box, inner section stitching to prevent clumping, and an included stuff sack
Not good
  • May be slightly bulky and heavy for some people. Plus, the packed size is also a bit large
  • Its price tag may be a little high as compared to other options

Camping blanket

It is possible to simply trip when becoming away from this snugly-fitted sleeping bag and the zippers sometimes just get in the way. Plus, should you require a ground cover, picnic blanket, or pillow afterward the camping blanket can be the blank canvas.

Camping blankets can be utilized in most climes as they do not get overly hot during summer or too cold in winter. Additionally, as most campers are three-season toddlers anyway, a camping blanket would be the best option to utilize during all seasons without adding a lot of weight for your load.

Having said that, their spacious style allows them to be used in hammocks, car camping, backpacking, and also indoors. Afterward, the camping blanket can suffice, and campfires won’t ever be the same again.

Further, camping blankets could also be applied as solitude or end screens by hanging them across a rope, a branch, or where required.

Furthermore, all sleeping positions are well accommodated once you make use of a camping blanket as opposed to a sleeping bag. You are no longer confined in a small space so it is possible to feel free to sprawl all over your sleeping mat or tent floor.

Camping blankets are your very best bet when searching for a freeing supply of insulation and warmth during camping. If you toss and turn constantly throughout sleep or need to own a leg out once you sleep, camping blankets are everything you need.

Finally, camping blankets might be used by a few persons with comparative comfort whilst sleeping bags are for the most part made as one-person units.

camping blankets sleeping bag

Camping blanket

Camping blankets compress into compact bundles which are easy to transport and stuff to your package. The compressed form factor may also twice as cushioning for your own backpack. Plus, most camping blankets will have compression packs for easier portability and storage.

The blankets are made of similar materials utilized in sleeping bags thus you may not miss out on much in those regards.

Newbie Automobiles will especially love the pure transition out of dwelling duvets/comforters into equally structured camping blankets. Getting into and out of”bed” is also very simple since that you need not manage zippers snagging therefore on.

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